Marital Unbliss

Dear Dara,

My husband of 23 years just threw me out of our home (it is in his family’s name). He has taken all the money out of our joint bank account. I have 2 teenage children who he will allow to live with him, but my 17 year old son chooses to live with me. I rented a house for the two of us several months ago, but the business I worked at had cutbacks and I was let go. Now, I work part time at a Florida convenience store, and I can’t afford to pay the rent. What can I do to get back on my feet and stop this downward spiral?

Calamity Cathy


Dear Cathy,

Dry your tears and be glad you don’t have to spend another minute with a person who has treated the mother of his children so callously! There are several steps you can take to ascend from that spiral:

1. Ask a highly recommended divorce attorney for a free consultation. Find out your rights as far as your home and your bank accounts.

2. I called some charities and churches in your area in Brevard County, Florida. The first charity I called is the North Brevard Sharing Center at 321-269-6555. I was told that you should contact a group called Family Promise of Brevard at 321-209-3391. They sponsor families in need for one week at a time. They also recommended an organization called WIN that helps on a ‘rent to income’ basis. Their number is 321-639-0166.
Ultimately, you will have to be the one to talk to these organizations because they will ask you to furnish them with some personal information.

3. Of course, Cathy, don’t forget to call your personal church if you attend one. That would be a great place to start. Try contacting the Salvation Army at 321-269-3110. Even if you are not Catholic, contact the church at 321-268-3441, or call Catholic Charities at 321-338-2986, because they are known to help with the payments of your utility bills.

4. I called Brevard 211, by dialing 2-1-1. This is a wonderful helpline providing information and assistance to any person in times of emotional, financial and community crisis. Whatever your question or problem, the people who work here will get you going on that upward path!

Finally, remember to contact these wonderful organizations toward the beginning of a calendar month, so that they still have monthly funds to help people in need.

Good luck Cathy…I care about you. Let me know how you are doing in the near future!